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Maryland Minute 1.17.10 - Vasquez Celebrates Birthday With a Win

Quiet weekend, considering the game essentially cut the linkage in half. Regardless, enjoy.

It was Vasquez's Birthday Last Night
Good way to celebrate, huh? Happy belated birthday, Vaz.

Quickie Terrence Ross Update
Nothing happening till after the year, Maryland "still in it". Ross recycling previous answers. By the way, this is a video that also has Justin Anderson, so you may want to stick around for him.

Lady Terps Lose by 9 @ UNC
The rough season continues. Now 14-4, 2-2.

Cavaliers, Tar Heels Represent New-Look ACC - FanHouse
Oh, please. UNC is in trouble this year, but recruiting isn't going to drop off anytime soon and they'll be a natty contender in another year or two as long as they don't suck the rest of this year. UVA has beaten the second worst team in the ACC by 8 and won 2 home games against above-average but not great teams. I highly doubt they'll keep this up.

Hoophall Classic Report - NBE
Love NBE. On Tyler Harris:

The "other" Harris made plays defensively and with the pass, but was not an overly aggressive offensive player in this contest with older brother Tobias and the aforementioned Sledge pouring in the points. He can shoot the three effectively, but did not create off the dribble in this contest. On the positive side, he was a solid passer and made a few nice look-ahead assists for baskets. Defensively, his length caused problems for opponents, as he played the passing lanes well and picked up some blocks. Finished with just three points.

Wow. Wonder exactly where he'll end up in terms of being a prospect. Way early, yeah, but Maryland has a relationship. Hopefully he ends up being really good.

Former Terp Target Julian Horton Commits to Arkansas
The recruiting class is winding down. Like I said earlier, unless Grimes, Coleman, Werner, Kouandjio, or maybe Attaochu commit, the class is probably done anyway.

Duke Beats Wake By 20
First half was close, Scheyer only had single digits. It'll take a hell of an effort to beat Duke this year, but I think it's still possible.

Terrence Ross Had "One Of the Best Dunks Ever"

Do you enjoy pain? Hyperbole, yes, still. I wonder if it was this one. Or this one.