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Maryland Minute 1.15.10 - Odds on Ross "Slim to None"

Whatever, I don't really care anymore.
Whatever, I don't really care anymore.

Jerry Meyer on Terrence Ross
Sounds spot on.

Ross, the No. 43 ranked prospect in the Rivals150, has decommitted from Maryland. I would place the odds at "slim to none" that he would return to the Terrapin fold.

For one, it is very unlikely for a recruit to recommit to a school once he has decommitted. Secondly, it seems even more unlikely in Ross' case. Since his decommitment, he is now being pursued by three elite programs- Duke, Kansas and Kentucky. Thirdly, Ross' decommitment has occurred so late in the game, a switch to another school has to be anticipated.

No loyalty in college ball? There shouldn’t be - Dime
Really good article partly centered around the Terrence Ross situation. Kind of puts things in perspective. Should people honor their commitments? I think so. But at the end of the day, coaches, schools, and players, have to do what they believe is best for them. Us fans just have to live with it. - Ben G.

My Take: I'm not defending the actions of the Facebook stalkers on Terrence Ross - that's just uncalled for and creepy - but I don't really agree with this stance (the article's, not Ben's).

I understand why kids go away from home - that makes sense - but once someone makes a commitment, it's different, especially because they're being recruited and have a full scholarship, unlike a normal teenager. I'm not saying a commitment should be fully binding, but it's not irrational to be pissed off when a decommitment occurs.

Maryland junior David Pearman is a walk-on with a different beat - WaPo
Great feature on David Pearman, Maryland's current premier walkon (Ersin Levent is waiting in the wings). The most interesting thing to me:

An adroit three-point shooter by day and a burgeoning bass guitarist by night, David Pearman assembled a reggae band last summer to nourish the second of his two primary passions. The Uphill Rockers hone their developing sound in Pearman's basement, much to the consternation of his father.

He'll apparently be competing with A.J. Francis for most musical Terp.

Maryland prepares for two different Boston College lineups
Well that explains why the first look was so damn confusing.

They went with a big lineup early on this season before trying out a smaller look near the end of December -- and then reversed course recently and went back to the bigger lineup for good. Maybe.

The Silver Lining - Terrapin Trail
Actually, I feel really good after the first two games. We'll see where the rest takes us.

"I think given our first few games with who we played and where we played, I think we’re in pretty good position to go here in the ACC," Williams said.

DC Sports Box - Lady Terps down Boston College, Improve to 2-1 in ACC
Good win for Brenda and Co. Also, the writer should sound pretty familiar... - Ben G.

Bruce Campbell Down to 8 in WF's Mock
To Oakland. Why does everyone go west coast?

Lorenzo Waters to Rutgers
Cross that one off the list. Doubt Maryland was all that interested anyway.

Al Groh Officially Installed as DC at GT
Well then.

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup
You know the drill.