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Maryland Minute 1.14.10 - Pe'Shon on TRoss

Pe'Shon Howard
Pe'Shon Howard

Pe'shon Howard on TRoss

Via formspring, a fan asks:

What do u think about Terrance Ross...youre better than him right??

Pe'Shon's response:

man u alrdy know this most maryland dont think so but they will find out soon enough.

I effin love this guy.  If Ross doesn't end up at MD, I'm hoping for Duke.  The Parker/Pe'shon vs. TRoss rivalry would be epic. 

Predicting Maryland's Season - Terrapins Insider is predicting 15-14 with a 6-10 ACC record. I'll take the over, please. 

Juan Dixon Lands in Unicaja, Spain

Good to see. Wish he was back in the NBA, though. - Ben B.

Yates, Tangney selected 29th, 35th respectively in MLS Draft

Congrats to these two. Midfielder Drew Yates will be playing for the Chicago Fire while defender Kevin Tangney will be suiting up for Chivas USA.  

PressBox: Now Vasquez Has It All Figured Out

Good read on Vasquez. To add some numbers to the great Greivis debate...He is the ONLY Terp to record 500 rebounds and 500 assists. He also is 9th overall in scoring and 3rd in assists, with about half of his senior season left to play. 

Recruiting Report: Meet Andre Monroe

It's nice to hear guys that are excited about being Terps. 

Recruiting Report: Meet Tyrek Cheeseboro

If nothing else, he's got an awesome name. 

2011 Prospect Vandyke Has High Interest In Terps

The guy has offers from VT, WVU, Vanderbilt, and Pitt. That's about all I need to know. Sign him up.