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Maryland Minute 1.12.10 - MD/Wake Preview

Three Things to Watch Tonight - Terrapins Insider

Nice, quick read before we tip off in a few minutes. 

Goins Doesn't Make the Trip to Winston-Salem

I don't think he'll be seeing the court anytime soon. Wouldn't be surprised if this was his last season on the team. 

Terps' Vasquez talks up a storm when on court - Winston Salem Journal

I guess news travels slow to Winston Salem.  

ACC official recognizes Terps' schedule concerns -

Does it kinda suck for MD? Yeah. Is it the end of the world? Not at all. 

Maryland Terps ruin Monica Wright's milestone night - ESPN

Huge win for the Lady Terps last night as they defeated #18 UVA 61-60 on ESPN2. For anyone else who watched the game: Were those not some of the worst refs you've ever seen?

Pre Wake Game ACC Basketball Rankings - Bleacher Report

Terps at #9. Florida State at #4. This might be the last time I clip a Bleacher Report article. 

Predicting a WF Victory - ACC Sports Journal

75-66 Wake. We'll see just how accurate Andrew Skwara was in a few hours.