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Maryland Minute 1.11.10 - Rankings Galore

Terps #4 in Local Poll - D.C. Sports Bog

Ideally, the Terps would be a fixture at #1 in this poll, but for now, it's hard to argue with the four spot. 

#8 in ACC Power Rankings - ACC Sports Journal

Eight seems a little low to me. I'd at least put us above Clemson. 

Maryland Checks in at #109 on CFN's Rankings

Eh. I'll take the ranking. At least recruiting is turning around, right?

And Ralph Friedgen is still the head coach. This wasn’t supposed to be a good year for the Terps, and it was worse than anyone could’ve ever imagined with one win coming in overtime over James Madison and the second a stunning home win, by three, over Clemson. The offense was miserable and the defense was last in the ACC in scoring D.

- Ben B.

Vasquez breaks out a new move -- unfortunately

Couldn't disagree more. The Greivis "shimmy" will forever hold a place in my heart. 

The shots that draw prayers, angst and cheers - Terrapins Insider

Really good read. I agree with Gary on this one.

Then Williams provided a more serious assessment of Vasquez's shot selection: "He's earned that right. You know, if he feels like he can make that shot, he's going to take it. Now, he's not going to make it all the time and I might get upset if he misses it, but I've always felt with players -- I just saw Juan Dixon in the hallway, and nobody took more bad shots once in a while than Juan Dixon did, but in the last two minutes of the game you wanted the ball in his hands, because a lot of guys who are pretty big scorers don't want the ball in the last two minutes.

"Well that same thing is with Greivis. He wants the ball in big situations, so he knew how he felt coming into that shot. In other words he had just made a couple other shots, and so he felt hot and he was wide open. So it went in and that was great, but at the same time, you don't take the confidence away from the guys that can score. I found that out a long time ago when I was coaching in high school. If you have scorers, they're not going to do everything the way you want them to, but you can't take away their confidence in what they do well."

Greivis-haters, take note. 

Terrence Ross gets 20 in Montrose Win

Serious question: Is it wrong (or logical) to root for the guy to play poorly so Duke doesn't offer and he becomes a Terp? 

Recruiting Report: Weekend wrap — Two Terps at Big 33 game

Both Tyler Smith and Sal Conaboy will be suiting up for the Pennsylvania team in the Big 33 game.

Terp Jared Gaither, O-Line Key to Ravens Playoff Win

Is this really Terp-related news? No. Is it an opportunity for me to gloat about my Ravens' dominating victory yesterday? Absolutely.