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Maryland Minute 1.10.10 - Florida State Fallout (The Good Kind)

Cool digits today.

ACC's decline may open up space for Terps
Until tonight, I would've disagreed.

"It definitely opens it up for the middle-of-the-pack schools to make a real push for a top-three finish, and Maryland can be one of those teams," said Van Coleman, national recruiting analyst for "Led by [Greivis] Vasquez, [Eric] Hayes and [Landon] Milbourne, they have the nucleus to do just that."

There is a downside, though.

"I don't think Maryland, or anyone else, is helped by the league being down," said Jerry Palm, owner of the Web site. "It diminishes the value of a conference win and means you might need more of them to make a case for the tournament. That's not just Maryland; that's everyone."

Gary Williams Voices Concerns About Start of ACC Play
If GW isn't complaining, GW isn't happy.

"No other team in the ACC starts that way - with two games in three days," Williams said Saturday. .. "The thing you want is a level playing field," Williams said.

I mean, yes, we aren't located in NC, and yes, we have to go on the road, but apparently the Big East would love to have us. Pick one, Gary.

Take a Picture: Maryland on Top of ACC Standings
With Virginia.

Tennessee Wins Big for Tobias

"A great win for the program!" Harris, who has signed with Tennessee, wrote by text. "Just very happy for us to get that win because I knew it was happening all along."

Reflecting on Choi - D1scourse
Interesting stuff from Patrick Stevens.

While the language barrier hurt, it's worth re-emphasizing that he wasn't a great fit on the floor, either, given the Terps' roster composition. Choi's skillset suggested he was a small forward, and there's certainly enough guys his size playing the three. Ultimately, trying to make him into something he was not --- a post player --- out of necessity led to nearly as many struggles as his communication issues.

Maryland #7 In Local Poll
Not for long.

2011 DT Kevin McReynolds Adds Offer from NCSt
Yep. The area is loaded. McReynolds will likely be a four star, and he's probably the fourth or fifth best in the area right now if you include NoVa. Hopefully the momentum carries over. We can probably expect the first commitment within the next two or three months.

Wisconsin Beats #4 Purdue
That loss looks better by the day. I know there are no good losses, but the higher they get the less bad it looks.

Trevor Cooney Can Dunk, Perfects Scheyer-Face
First: good. Second: eh.

DeMatha Tops McNamara, 63-61
Quinn Cook had 19, two-sport Brandon Coleman had 10.

Al Groh Close to Deal to Be GT's DC
One word: wow.

I'm speechless.

Tommy Tuberville takes over at TTU
Was UA at Auburn. Is UA at Texas Tech. Could the same happen for Mike Leach?