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Maryland Minute 1.1.10 - Righting the Ship

There Goes That "Fun" Thing Again

I appreciate it, I guess, but...

"I think we just have to figure out how to have more fun," Milbourne said. "I don't think a lot of our guys are having fun out there. You know, fun usually starts on the defensive end. When we get stops and fast breaks, then we start getting dunks, then we start making good plays and things like that to get the crowd into it. But we haven't really done much of that this year. And until we can figure out how to have fun and get ourselves up to play defense, we're going to be flat and we're going to have a lot of flat plays and the crowd's going to be silent and no emotion. We just have to figure out ways to have fun. Basketball is supposed to be a fun game, and you know, it's just something that we have to do."

Fun? Christ Landon, there are so many things you could've said - like rebounding, for instance - and you chose fun? I guess it factors in, but personally I would've chosen rebounding and hustle. If you forgot, Landon was the one with the monster dunk and chest pound while Maryland was down 10 with about a minute left.

Bench Production Almost Non-Existent
Quite. Cliff Tucker needs to step up, and quick.

KenPom Predicts 17-13, 7-9 in ACC

Wow, that is bad. On the good side: we'll beat an overrated UNC team at home! 

Catch Pe'Shon Howard on CSN Tomorrow at 2

Get a chance to watch possibly Target #1 on TV tomorrow. I will be, and plan to have impressions up later.

4 Tennessee Basketball Players Arrested

For gun and weed charges. All four were starters.

Wonder how Tobias is feeling right about now.

William & Mary Is Attracting National Attention
Who knows, this might end up as a good loss before too long.

Also On TV Tomorrow - UA All-American Game
If you haven't seen Brandon Coleman yet, now would be a good time to see what Maryland will probably miss out on.

Blake Countess Impressive at UA Combine
At UA: Good. Maryland already having offered Countess: Better.

Patrick Stevens Finds a Permanent Home at IMS
Interesting development for those at premi sites. Unfortunately, that probably means most of his stuff will fall under the IMS premium umbrella...not sure how I feel about that.

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup
Huge week, obviously.

Tiny Gallon Is No Jordan Williams
Breaking the glass? Meh. Jordan Williams made the shot, too.