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Maryland Minute 9.09.09 - Terps Out of It for Roscoe?, Skinner/Carroll Take Control of D, Don Brown Takes Responsibility

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It looks like the Terps are out of it for Baltimore swing-man, Roscoe Smith.
It looks like the Terps are out of it for Baltimore swing-man, Roscoe Smith.

Roscoe Sets In-Home Visits

One fist-pumping, HOF Coach won't be making a visit to the Smith home.  Based on that, it's hard to say that the Terps have a great shot here.  It might be time to downsize the 'Big 4' Terp BB targets to the 'Big 3.'  

Terrell Skinner and Nolan Caroll Call "Players-Only" Defensive Meeting

It's good to see someone stepping up and taking control of the defense, even though it does seem a little early in the season for this type of thing.  I guess that's what happens when you give up 542 yards of offense in Week 1. 

"I woke up [Monday morning] and said, 'We've got to talk to these guys,' " Skinner said. "Nolan said, 'Let's do it.' We met in the visiting-team locker room after practice."

Skinner said the goal was "to make sure everyone is still one cohesive unit. I think I challenged them. I think I reached them."

We can only hope.

Don Brown's Take on the Cal Game - Tracking the Terps

Some interesting notes here and definitely worth the quick read.  One quote that I really like from Brown:

"I'm completely responsible for it (the D's performance last Saturday) and I'm accountable for it. Bottom line is I believe in our guys. We're going to stay the course and get it right."

No 'late start' excuses like we heard from Cal last season.  No 'we're young' excuses, either.  He took responsibility and gave his guys a vote of confidence.  I really like this guy.  Now if the defense would just start playing a little better, it would make liking him that much easier.  

Sporting News' ACC Power Rankings

Terps come in at #10.  It seems to be the general consensus this week.  

Terps Seek Redemption After Dud

Actually a pretty nice article from the AP.  There's some encouraging quotes from several Terps including Wujciak and the Fridge.  My favorite comes from Terrell Skinner.

"It's definitely redemption time," senior safety Terrell Skinner declared Tuesday. "We're going to take full advantage of these four straight games at home."

Want a Free, Awesome 9 x 12 Maryland picture?

The official site is offering the give-away in celebration of the new Maryland Photo Store.  I think I'm going with this one...

What Could Have Been for LaQuan Williams? - D1SCOURSE

Pat Stevens has a really interesting article on Terps wide receiver LaQuan Williams who had committed to play football at JMU before Maryland swooped in at the last minute with a scholarship offer.