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Maryland Minute 9.08.09 - Terps w/ Swine Flu?, ACC Power Rankings, ACC 'Irrelevance'

Could this be Maryland's toughest opponent this season?
Could this be Maryland's toughest opponent this season?

Terps With Swine Flu?

Could be.

In any case, Friedgen divulged the Terps have one player who is sick. He isn't sure if the player has swine flu, but the guy is being isolated as a precaution.

"You just worry about how devastating it is if it gets contagious on our team and our coaching staff," Friedgen said.

- bbroman

ESPN's ACC Power Rankings

It's hard to argue with being placed at #10. The only teams the Terps may have looked better than were Duke and UVA, and they earned the #11 and #12 spots, respectively. Here's what ACC Blogger, Heather Dinich, had to say about Maryland: 

Yes, Cal was a better team, but Maryland’s weaknesses up front on both sides of the ball were exposed, and those are problem areas other teams will prey on. Quarterback Chris Turner was sacked six times, and the Terps’ new defense allowed almost 600 total yards.

Is the ACC Irrelevant?

John Feinstein seems to think so.  Again, I think it's a little early to write off the whole conference.  If anybody watched the FSU-Miami game last night, you know that the ACC is still capable of producing top-notch, exciting football.

What Lies Ahead for the Terps - Tracking the Terps

Jeff Barker from The Baltimore Sun takes a look at Maryland's next two games against James Madison and the vaunted, Middle Tennessee State. Quick summary: The Terps shouldn't expect to simply show up and come away with two victories. 

D1SCOURSE - Revisiting the NFL Cuts

Pat Stevens compiles a list of all the Terps who made NFL rosters, those on practice squads, and those who have recently been cut.  Four Terps from last season's team are slated to suit up this Sunday.  Can you guess the four?

Mike Taylor Update
I still want Mike Taylor if only because he's Lance's arch-nemisis.

A laundry-list of Division-I schools have been hounding the sharpshooter throughout the country. Offers from St. John’s, Providence, Indiana and Pittsburgh are on the table. West Virginia and Maryland have also ratcheted up their interest level the past few months.

- bbroman

UMD Official Site Previews MD/JMU

JMU Official Site Previews MD/JMU