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Maryland Minute 9.07.09 - Merriman Arrested, Terps Still Bowl Worthy?, More on the Thrashing

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Did this monster right hook connect with Tila Tequila's face??
Did this monster right hook connect with Tila Tequila's face??

Merriman Arrested for Hitting Reality Star, Denies Any Wrongdoing

He claims he was just trying to stop his girlfriend from driving drunk.  She alleges more.  Either way, it's another bad story related to Merriman.  If he could only manage to stay healthy and out of trouble, he has the chance to go down as one of the more dominating Terp Pros in a long time.  

Maryland Still Bowl-Worthy

Some nice perspective here. Yes, the loss was awful, but Schlabach and Feldman think the Terps are still headed to the GMAC Bowl against Western Michigan. Awesome. - bbroman

More on the Berkeley Beatdown

In case you aren't tired of reading about the disaster that took place on Saturday/Sunday, Pat Stevens from The Washington Times has a nice piece on where and how MD was exposed.  One unit that got caught with it's pants down? You guessed it, the offensive line. 

"That's going to be a work in progress," coach Ralph Friedgen said. "If I could tell you that's going to be fixed overnight, that's not going to happen. These guys are learning on the run. It is what it is. We have to try to make it the best we can."

Frank Beamer Says It's Too Early to Judge ACC

That may be true.  But this past weekend certainly wasn't a good first impression.

Should Terps Stay Out of California? 

One 'analyst' seems to think so.  It's actually sort of weird how many top Terp picks have not lived up to their billing when they get to the Golden State.  

Former Terp Target Oladipo Commits to Indiana

I don't think the staff was pursuing him all that hard, especially after the Parker commit.  This one isn't a huge loss.  

Recruiting Report: Weekend wrap — QB Smith leads rout

Inside, Tyler Smith throws for 300 yards in a quarter. - bbroman