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Five Terps Burn Redshirts, None Surprise

One of the few reasons I actually finished watching the game on Saturday (er...Sunday morning) was to see which true freshmen burnt their redshirts in the first game. I counted Nick Ferrara, Zach Kerr, and Darin Drakeford. As it so happens, I didn't even need to count, because UMTerps' game participation recap took care of that issue for me. And anyway, my count was wrong.

Ferrara, Kerr, and Drakeford all did play, but Avery Murray and Bennett Fulper both saw time as well. Ferrara, Kerr, Drakeford, and Murray were all shoe-ins, and I expect them to start seeing more and more playing time as time goes on, particularly Kerr. Fulper was a fringe candidate, but after the offensive line imploded, he really had to enter the game as a last ditch effort to get protection for Chris Turner. Now that his shirt is burnt, I wouldn't be surprised to see the versatile lineman challenge Andrew Gonnella, Lamar Young, Justin Lewis, R.J. Dill, and Paul Pinegar for one of the three now re-opened spots along the offensive line.

So far, we haven't seen a real surprising burnt shirt, like Matt Furstenburg, Davin Meggett, or Cam Chism last year (Meggett proved otherwise later, but at the time, it was a shocker).

I wouldn't be surprised to see quite a few more guys lose that redshirt year. Eric Franklin is probably the most likely candidate right now, as he very well may fill in for Jamari McCollough if the senior safety's injury is severe. Other offensive lineman, especially Peter White, should be allowed to challenge the incumbents in practice. Travis Hawkins should also be push Anthony Wiseman and Cam Chism for playing time, as he's very talented and a perfect fit for the press defense - neither Wiseman nor Chism are made to press. Also, don't count out seeing DeOnte Arnett or Justin Anderson seeing the field by the end of the year; it's clear the defensive line needs some help.