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Maryland Minute 9.6.09 - Bruce Campbell's Turf Toe, Maryland Triumphs Over Cal (In Soccer)

He may look invincible, but his toes are as vulnerable as everyone else's. Image via <a href="">ESPN</a>
He may look invincible, but his toes are as vulnerable as everyone else's. Image via ESPN

Newspaper writers like Barker, Stevens, and Prisbell appeared to have the weekend off after the game, so not a lot of linkage today.

Uh oh: Bruce Campbell Has Turf Toe
Leave him out against James Madison, just to be safe.

*Offensive lineman Bruce Campbell has turf toe. How bad would it be for the Terps if the injury lingers? You all know the answer.

Maryland Retains Series Lead, Beats Cal at Soccer
Wooo! That's 3-1, Cal! Take that!

WaPo - Friedgen States A Lot of the Obvious
Well, duh, Ralph:

"That is going to be a work in progress," Friedgen said of the offensive line, which started two former walk-ons -- guard Andrew Gonnella and tackle Paul Pinegar -- on the right side.
"These guys are learning on the run," a soft-spoken Friedgen said after witnessing the second-worst margin of defeat in his nine years at Maryland. "It is what it is; we have got to make it as best we can. I told them in the locker room we have to look at this game and learn from it, see where we made our mistakes and look at it constructively."
"That was one of the things we emphasized before the game," Friedgen said. "We have to allow the other team to [make mistakes]. We can't do that. We take away a touchdown because we line up wrong? Come on."

All of that is very obvious. However, it's also very right.

Baltimore Sun Recap
Here's a full recap of an awful game. Read away if you want to relive the pain.

Scout Makes It Known: The ACC Is Not Hot
At least Maryland didn't get singled out badly.

Brutal. Absolutely brutal. The ACC’s 4-6 weekend mark was comprised of just a single win over an FBS team, Middle Tennessee State. It was all downhill after Virginia Tech failed to carry the league banner in the Chick-fil-A Kickoff. Wake Forest was upset at home by Baylor. Maryland got ambushed by Cal. NC State couldn’t stay with South Carolina, despite just a 7-3 loss. Oh, and Virginia and Duke lost to teams from the Colonial Athletic Association. Now more than ever, the ACC needs Miami or Florida State to awake from its slumber. 

Shell Games - Even Travis Baltz got outplayed
Self-explanatory, but I'll let them explain anyway:

As if getting crapped on 52-13 wasn’t enough, the jewel of our special teams entire roster was handed his hat in a mano-a-mano punt-off. That’s right. The mighty Travis was beat out.



He’ll be back to fight again. If I know Travis, which I don’t, then I know that.