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Prediction Thread: Maryland-Cal

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I'm out for the rest of the evening until the MM gets posted (midnightish, perhaps), so it's up to you guys to entertain yourselves. I would suggest debating with each other about Maryland-Cal predictions. Otherwise this thread is rendered useless.

Of course, no one (read: Maryland fan) in their right mind thinks that the Terps will lose by more than 21, which is the bar set by Vegas. At the same time, predicting a win is optimistic at best, homerish at worst. Personally, I'm feeling a close game, with Maryland's defense confounding Cal's offense early on but with the Golden Bears rebounding and making use of the talent differential.

As much as I want Maryland to win, I don't see it. I'm going to say Cal 24-17. No, there's no analysis in this post, that will (hopefully) be coming tomorrow before the game.

What say you?