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Maryland Minute 9.03.09 - Gary Scores In-Home Visit w/ TJones, Predictions for the FB Season, More MD/Cal

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Come on Tobias/Leslie/TJones, how do you not want to play for this guy?
Come on Tobias/Leslie/TJones, how do you not want to play for this guy?

Terps to Visit Jones September 23rd

I know bbroman already posted this but how can it not be the lead story?  Here is Gary's schedule for the month of September, IIRC:

September 10th: In home visit - C.J. Leslie (#9 ESPN)

September 16th: In home visit - Tobias Harris (#7 ESPN)

September 23rd: In home visit - Terrence Jones (#15 ESPN)

I can't remember the last time we were involved and had a legitimate shot with so many top prospects.  We could end up landing none of these guys, but at least no one can say that Gary hasn't been hitting the recruiting trail hard lately.

 Washington Times ACC Preview

They predict to the Terps to go 7-5 with a 4-4 ACC record which sounds about right to me. Here's Pat Stevens' outlook:

"It's difficult to balance how much better the Terps could be on defense with new coordinator Don Brown's aggressive scheme and how much trouble Maryland might be in if its thin and inexperienced line flounders. Ultimately, it's best to bank on those things being even, especially with a program that has hovered around .500 much of the past five years."

CBS CFB Preview

Would you be satisfied if Fridge and Co. finished 8th in the ACC team and met Buffalo in the Eagle Bank Bowl?  That's what CBS Sports is predicting. This is actually one of the more optimistic Terp predictions I've seen so far...

D1SCOURSE- Who are These Guys?

Did you know that 28 Terps have never played a college football game before? D1SCOURSE lists them all. 

Terps Taking the Spread to Heart

Yesterday, I wondered out-loud if the -21 spread angered any of the Terps players.  Looks like we've got our answer...

There are some new messages on the video board at the Gossett Football Team House, which is Maryland's home base.

One says: "Cal Week."

Another says simply: "21."

I am completely ready for this game to kickoff. 

Maryland-Cal: Unit-by-Unit Breakdown - IMS and BearInsider

Read up for a side-by-side comparison of Saturday's showdown. - bbroman

Cal 7-0 in home openers under Tedford
Great. - bbroman