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Maryland Minute 9.29.09 - National Media on Fridge, New Women's BB Commit

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You think Ralph's office chair looks like this? The national media seems to think so.
You think Ralph's office chair looks like this? The national media seems to think so.

Coaches Hot Seat - Ralph Friedgen, Maryland

Although I don't think Ralph should be on the hot seat after all he's done for the program, the post on Friedgen does have some very interesting analysis on the performance of the program over Ralph's tenure, including how the team performed in the Orange Bowl verses the plays and performance today. ~ Homertuck

ESPN's Mark Schlabach Agrees...

You know a team is having a bad season when national media outlets start calling for the Coach's head.  I'm not questioning the fight left in Ralph, but I will say that I was a lot more confident in Gary turning it around last year than I am in the Fridge doing it this year.  

New UM Women's Recruit a "Lethal Player" - Matt Bracken 

Her name is Alicia DeVaugn.  She's 6' 4 with a massive wingspan.  She could probably beat you up.  Brenda Freese is on her way to another Top 5 recruiting class.  Now if we could just combine her recruiting and Gary's coaching, we're talking a MD Basketball Dynasty.

 Devon Collier Will Visit 5 Schools

Collier's probably a backup for one of the Big 2 (Tremendous Two?), but he's also be a nice pick-up as a fifth scholarship.

"The schools I will visit are Providence, Seton Hall, Oregon State, St. John’s and probably Maryland," the 6-foot-8, 210-pound Collier said Tuesday by phone from St. Anthony.

- bbroman

For All You Recruiting Nuts...

I saw this after reading an IMS board and I think it's pretty cool. Basically the site just combines the rankings of seven different recruiting services and comes up with an average, presenting a fuller (and probably more accurate) picture of how scouts feel about a particular player.  Below is a list of Terp recruits:  

Tobias Harris - 9th

C.J. Leslie - 13th

Justin Coleman - 26th

Mychal Parker - 48th (Commit)

Terrence Ross - 56th (Commit)

Devon Collier - 77th

Note: Terrell Stoglin is not in the Top 100 

Justin Anderson, Quinn Cook Headed to National Developmental Camp

They're the two local players on the list of 20. Unfortunately, I wouldn't' say the Terps have a great shot with either of them. - bbroman

Hampton and Fulper To Start Against Clemson

Hampton and Fulper start again. It seems like Fridge is taking an Eric Hayes/Gary Williams approach, because I see a lot of Lamar Young late in the game. - bbroman