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Maryland Minute 9.28.09 - More on JWill Arrest, Tobias Recruitment

It doesn't seem like this is <em></em>too serious but you never know.  His play and development this year could go a long way in determining how far this team goes.
It doesn't seem like this is too serious but you never know. His play and development this year could go a long way in determining how far this team goes.

Just got back from a day of fasting to hear that Jordan Williams has been arrested. Awesome. 

Credit to bbroman for most of the links and analysis today.

More on Jordan Williams' Arrest

Not much new. Gary's response:

We are aware of the situation and are monitoring any changes. We will let the judicial system run its course before making any decisions. Any discipline coming from the campus will be in accordance with our Student-Athlete Code of Conduct.

Tobias Harris Visiting All Seven Schools

Not surprising, as it's not like he and his family are starving for money (Dad's an agent). They can afford to. Sounds like the Syracuse visit went as planned without any real surprises, good or bad. He did say Syracuse isn't his leader right now, but there's no way of knowing how truthful that is.

Virginia Actually Better Off Than Maryland - Dinich

There's a shocker. Did you know Al Groh has a better record over the last five years than Friedgen? I didn't. And that's scary.

Terps Slip to #11 in ACC Power Rankings - ESPN

More Dinich:

With their only win coming in overtime against James Madison, it’s no secret the Terps have some problems. The thing is, they’re not even giving themselves a chance to win. Maryland has given up 61 points off turnovers this month. That’s more than some teams allow in a whole season. 

So much for that lock on the #10 spot.  I'm trying to convince myself that the Terps will have one of their miraculous turnarounds and beat a decent Clemson team this weekend but I just don't see it happening.  - bagold

Strolling Throught the Stats - D1SCOURSE

In case you need statistical proof of how bad this team has been, Pat Stevens has a breakdown for you.  The most telling stat for me?  The Terps rank 117th out of 120 teams in terms of turnover margin. - bagold  

Mike Locksley In Hot Water at UNM

He allegedly punched the WR coach in the mouth. In case you're counting, that's two pending lawsuits. He's also 0-4. Everything's lining up perfectly for him to come back to Maryland as the QB coach in the Billick administration.

Recruiting Report: Weekend wrap

It was a good day for most Terp football commits, but not Tyler Smith. Five interceptions? Ouch.  

My take: This is certainly not the senior season that many expected for Tyler Smith. 

Terps vs. Wake on ESPN 360

At 6:30. Sounds about right.