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Terrence Jones Cuts List, Maryland Doesn't Make It

Cross this one off the list.
Cross this one off the list.

Strike one.

Alright, Maryland lost out on the first of the Big Three in Portland point forward (and good friend of current commit Terrence Ross) Terrence Jones. Scout has a teaser article on him cutting his list to seven. On his profile pages, both Scout and Rivals are listing Arizona, Kansas, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Oregon, UCLA, and Washington. For those of you with math problems, that's seven teams. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what seven teams made his list.

It sucks, but it's not a huge deal. Jones was, in my mind, the least likely for awhile, regardless of the amount of sense it made. He simply was too cryptic and no one knew where he stood. Tobias Harris and C.J. Leslie were more open, so that at least gave the sense Maryland was in better standing. I was already starting to make concessions. Turned out to be true.

Luckily, Jones was also the least talented of the big three. Maryland can only land one anyway, so it's time to move on and lock down either Tobias or Leslie. Most people seem to think Tobias is a 'Cuse lean, and those same people are calling Leslie a Kentucky or UNC lean. At the same time, Gary has positioned Maryland great in both races, and seems to have a legitimate shot to land either. If that were to happen, Maryland would almost certainly have a top 5 class.