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Maryland Minute 9.27.09 - Turner's Shoulder, Hoops Recruiting Updates

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Teleconference quick hits - D1scourse
Couple notes from Patrick Stevens here. The biggest: is Chris Turner hurt?

"He's been banged up a little bit," Friedgen said. "He's getting a little skittish. I have every faith in Chris. He'll come back. He always has. I have a lot of confidence in him."

Someone, though I can't find the article now (here it is), said he had an ice pack on his shoulder, too. Those would confirm the rumor that's been floating around on message boards that he has a broken scapula. That would explain a lot.

Joe Lefeged Still Haunting the Terps
He's a Maryland native. He was, supposedly, a Maryland fan. Maryland never offered him. And now he's 1) almost single-handedly ruined Jordan Steffy's already sputtering football career, and 2) dominated the Terps in a must-win game that might've lost Ralph Friedgen his job come the offseason. Awesome.

Harris Visited ‘Cuse This Weekend - Zags
So Syracuse, Louisville, and Kentucky have visits. Just guessing, but I'd say Tennessee and WVU get the other two OVs, Maryland probably gets a long weekend hosted by his brother, like what happened a few weeks ago, and that's just as good.

Maybe the fact that Syracuse is first is a bad sign for them, as you usually want the last visit; that would be great, seeing how they're usually named as the team to beat.

For what it's worth, Harris had a bunch of tweets about the visit. None of them were particularly telling.

Marlyand's 2010 Recruiting Class at #9 - SLAM
Sounds about right. If Tobias or C.J. Leslie come to College Park, it'll probably be top 3.

Terp target Nick Dew headed to VT
Would've been a real nice get, but I'm not really expecting a bunch of commits right about now.

Josh Selby Narrows List
Why does this matter? The Domino Effect. Syracuse and Kentucky are on his list; if he goes to either of them, there's a good chance that'll be a strike against the school for C.J. Leslie (Kentucky) or Tobias Harris (both of them). Even though he's not at the same position as either one, would you want to play with a ballhoggin headcase at point guard?

Kyrie Irving Probably Headed to Duke
Hmm...first major commit for Duke. If Maryland can land either C.J. Leslie or Tobias Harris, the ACC will be ridiculously talented. And unbelievably fun to watch. Gary should be selling this to both of them.