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Random Statistical Thoughts From Maryland-Rutgers

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As I was looking over the game stats, I noticed a few interesting things. None of them were important to craft a post about, nor did they form a pattern, but here's a few interesting things:

  • Maryland called just 21 running plays, but 41 passing plays. Actually they didn't attempt a single run in the 4th quarter. I was a big proponent of passing the ball against Rutgers, and while losing, there wasn't much they could do. Unfortunately, the run wasn't better anyway.
  • Rutgers had been squawking about how they expected to get 200 yards rushing each game, but hadn't yet. Well, they broke the barrier against Maryland, putting up 238 yards.
  • Torrey Smith had three catches for 95 yards in the first two quarters. In the second half, he had only one catch for 19 yards. Yeah, that's not enough.
  • Dan Bonato fielded two kickoffs, a product of San San Te angling the kick away from Smith. Teams are starting to respect his ability as a kickoff returner. Unfortunately, that will likely cause his yards per game average to drop, opening up an opportunity for C.J. Spiller to take his spot at the top of the NCAA all-purpose yardage chart.
  • The Maryland participation report had Dexter McDougle in the game. I don't remember seeing him, but if he was, that's the sixth freshman to burn his redshirt. If he indeed did, he's gotta see some time on defense now.
  • Maryland held Rutgers to just four completions on the day, two of them out of the backfield. No matter - they attempted 46 runs anyway. That's some serious hardnosed football from the Scarlet Knights.
  • Alex Wujciak had seventeen tackles. Seventeen. He'll probably be at the top of the ACC in tackles again.
  • Maryland's second half drive chart is a thing of ugliness. Let's see...interception, punt, fumble, fumble, punt, TOD, punt, TOD. Ugh.