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Maryland-Rutgers Gameday Guide

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What: Maryland and Rutgers battle in a game that will likely decide the course of both teams' season.

Where: Capital One Field at Byrd Stadium, College Park

When: 3:30

Where to Watch: Fire up the ol' PC - ESPN360 only for this one.

In a Nutshell

Rutgers' Offense vs. Maryland's Defense - Rutgers is led by talented true freshman quarterback Tom Savage, who took over for Domenic Natale in the third quarter of the Scarlet Knights' blowout loss to Cincinnati. Savage, however, was injured against FAU, and is a game-time decision. If he's not in, Natale, who has interception issues, will start, much to the Terps' delight. Regardless, RU is a running team, featuring Joe Martinek and Jourdan Brooks in the backfield. Maryland's defensive line will have to come up big to stop the powerful ground attack.

Maryland's Offense vs. Rutgers Defense - The Scarlet Knights' defense hasn't done too well this year, after being picked apart by Cincinnati and not putting away FIU. Led by middle linebacker and leading tackler Ryan D'Imperio, they've said they're now playing with a chip on their shoulders after not showing up in the first game. They tend to be more vulnerable through the air; Tony Pike and Rusty Smith both had big days in their games. Hopefully, Maryland will try to air it out more than usual; Chris Turner, Torrey Smith, and Adrian Cannon should all have big days.

Players to Watch

Tom Savage, QB, Rutgers - As mentioned above, Savage is one of the leaders of the offense. Natale looked downright terrible against Cincinnati, so if Savage doesn't take the field, Maryland has a much better shot at winning this one.

Joe Lefeged, S, Rutgers - By now, you've probably heard the name. Lefeged, a Germantown native, is the guy who put Jordan Steffy out of commission two years ago with a helmet-to-helmet hit Ralph thought was malicious. He's now a starter and one of the better players on the Scarlet Knights' defense.

Torrey Smith, WR, Maryland - I almost feel like this is cheating - Torrey Smith could be a player to watch every single week. But it's especially true this week, as James Franklin is realizing his potential and Rutgers' pass defense isn't a strength. Could be a breakout game for the NCAA leader in all-purpose yardage.

Alex Wujciak, LB, Maryland - Wujciak is playing against his home state, and his performance will be vital. Rutgers will look to run a lot against the Terps, and usually up the middle - in other words, right at Wujciak. That's what he eats up; he might not be great at pursuit, but he's the best Terps LB against the run. I'd probably be surprised if he doesn't have a double-digit tackle day.

Gameday Reading

Questions about age getting old for Terps - Washington Times
"We've played in three games," quarterback Chris Turner said. "That's plenty of experience as far as I'm concerned. It's time to just start playing like a mature team and start winning football games. The whole young thing is not an excuse anymore."

Beware of hungry, hungry Terps - Daily Targum
"It’s easy to push Maryland aside as a joke of a football team despite playing in a BCS conference.

"That’s a mistake.

"As badly as this team has played — and it’s been really poor — it still has the three biggest tools needed to win games against better opponents. It will not be more apparent for the Terrapins than this weekend against Rutgers."

There's a lot at stake for Terps - The Capital
'"I wouldn't say it's now or never, but we want to win every game we can and that needs to start now," wide receiver Torrey Smith said. "Being a young team, it would definitely be a confidence-booster (to win)."'

Desperate Times - The Diamondback
'"We need this win for a lot of reasons," Terp wide receiver Torrey Smith said. "For ourselves as far as confidence goes, for our fans to not jump off the bandwagon. The biggest thing for us that we need to do is just fix our mistakes."

'"We’ve been facing some hard luck. Sometimes you’ve got to change your luck and make your luck," Friedgen said. "I think this team really needs to have a coming out."

'"I think for both teams, for us and Rutgers, it’s a game to see really where we’re at, to see really where we’re going to go from here," Terp quarterback Chris Turner said. "I think on paper we’re pretty evenly matched, and we’ll just have to see what happens."'

Loss of Carroll has been tough on Terps -- Sun
'But Nolan Carroll's loss has been felt since, and in a variety of ways.

"That's my roommate. I was upset," starting safety Terrell Skinner said when asked this week about Carroll's season-ending tibia fracture, which occurred when a teammate kicked him while making a tackle. Wide receiver and kick returner Torrey Smith pointed to his eyes when asked about Carroll several days ago. He said he had decided to wear eye-black strips on game days bearing his friend's name.'

Scouting Report: Rutgers at Maryland - Press of Atlantic City
Susan Lulgjuraj's pick: Rutgers 30, Maryland 27 (Season record 3-0)

Rutgers' best-case scenario: Quarterback Tom Savage will show no residual effects from the hit he took in last week's game.

Rutgers' worst-case scenario: Losing to a team whose only win is against a Football Championship Subdivision team (formerly Division I-AA).