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Maryland Minute 9.25.09 - Greivis Vasquez Is Extremely Complimentary

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Greivis Vasquez is maturing and readying for a monster senior season. And became very polite.
Greivis Vasquez is maturing and readying for a monster senior season. And became very polite.

Andy Katz Sits Down with Vasquez
Just a short paragraph, but it's great to hear from the man they call "The General." My favorite part about the whole thing? All of Vasquez's quotes are about praising his teammates. I think we're going to see a more improved and mature Greivis this year, and that, my friends, should scare the rest of the ACC. [from bagold]

My take: read these quotes:

"The way [Adrian Bowie]'s playing right now, his shooting ability, all has improved and he'll be a real threat in the ACC,'' Vasquez said.

He added that forward Landon Milbourne has been a "warrior" in workouts with the way he has sacrificed to become a more efficient player

"The one thing [Jordan Williams and James Padgett] do well is catch the ball,'' Vasquez said. "They can finish. They're working on their strength and to be more explosive."

When did he get so nice?

Brandon Coleman Update
He's down to Rutgers, VT, and Maryland. Coleman is probably the top target for the Terps in the 2010 recruiting class, but Rutgers is pretty comfortable in the lead.

"When Rutgers came into the picture, I didn't really know much about them. All I knew was that they were pretty good academically and that they was in Jersey. When I did my research, they was real good academically, No. 3 in the country with the APR. Whenever I visited up there I felt the same way as with Maryland. The coaching staff was real welcoming. I just felt I could see myself there, and the same thing with Maryland.

Oh, the irony.

Cutting Sports a Possibility?
More of a story out of nothing than something, but interesting regardless. If a sport was to go, which ones do you think would head out first? I'd say either men's tennis or men's swimming.

Friedgen Paying For Mistakes - ACCSJ
Lots of things have gone wrong for Maryland. So many that it's impossible to actually list all of them in one article. ACC Sports Journal gives their best shot at it, and comes darn close.

Rutgers practices with piped-in crowd noise
I appreciate the effort, fellas, but trust me: Byrd ain't gonna be rocking tomorrow.

Maryland vs. Rutgers Recruiting War Emerging
And it's not really that good for the Terps. Maryland used to have a bit of a NJ foothold, but that's quickly dissolved.

Terps Top UNC in Ludwig Attendance Record-Breaking Game
Wish I was there.

Maryland's Kevin Tangney with a header into the back right of the goal with 1:55 left to give Maryland the 1-0 win.