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Maryland Minute 9.23.09 - Tobias Making Visits, Ranking MD's Backcourt

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Two OVs announced.  Three to go.  We can only pray...
Two OVs announced. Three to go. We can only pray...

Tobias Visiting Louisville, Kentucky

Looks like 1) he's finalizing his list before the UCONN visit, meaning either Louisville and Kentucky are clear frontrunners or he's simply not concerned about UCONN, and 2) he's also taking three other OVs; this is from a Kentucky paper, so don't get too down. He'll take all five visits. - bbroman

My Take: The fact that Louisville and Kentucky were the first two schools announced to get OVs means they're probably his top two at the moment.  Not that it would be totally unexpected to lose a recruit to John Calipari, but I think it would hurt me the hardest (aside from an ACC school.)  Losing Tobias to Calipari would be like seeing the girl of your dreams decide to go out with the popular asshole who's got thousands of other options and is probably going to cheat on her anyway.  

Maryland Has #13 Backcourt, Per Goodman


Hayes is the floor general, while Vasquez can do it all. Bowie was a key contributor last season, and Mosley should make a significant jump from his freshman to sophomore year.


Greivis Vasquez: College Basketball's #2 Shooting Guard

Thanks for the props, DeCourcy, but Greivis is a point guard. - bbroman

For a guy who doesn't make many 3s, he has tried a lot of them — because the Terps have needed somebody to try something. They should be more complete this season, allowing Vasquez to be more judicious.


So, Uh, Maryland Can't Sell Football Tickets - WaPo

Ticket sales have been declining since 2005, and this has the makings of a record (bad) year. Just more pressure on Friedgen, unfortunately. - bbroman

Side Note: Prisbell and Yanda (who wrote this article and have been criticized for bashing the Terps and Gary, in particular) have a poll on their "Terrapin Insider" blog asking fans why there's been a decline in FB ticket sales.  Who is listed as a choice for why MD FOOTBALL sales have declined? Yup, Gary Williams.  These two will really do anything to attack this man.   

The Sun Profiles Terps Soccer Coach Sasho Cirovski

If you don't know about this guy, you should.  He's arguably built the top men's soccer program in the entire country.

Speaking of Soccer...

Come check out your #4 Terps take on #2 UNC in a rematch of last year's national championship, this Friday night.  It's probably the biggest game on the schedule and I can tell you that the students will be out in full force to support this team.   

CFN (Minus the Chicken) Picks Rutgers

Shouldn't come as a surprise. But the chicken always picks the Terps, for some reason. - bbroman

Feinstein Thinks 'Lefty' Should be in the Hall

A really good read if you have the chance.  As I said yesterday, Feinstein is one of the best.  Hearing some of his Lefty stories along with his indisputable argument for admitting the former Terp Coach is definitely worth the short read.