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ACC Blogger Roundtable, Week 3

We missed last week (damn spam filter), but we're back for another round of the ACC blogger roundtable. This week, it's being hosted by the good folks over at Block-C. Well, let's get to it.

  1. Does this weekends OOC performance for the ACC negate that first weekend's total bed shitting performance? Why or why not?

Obviously, FSU's tail-whooping of BYU really helps the conference - both FSU and Miami look better because of it, and the ACC gets cred from it. Plus, Virginia Tech came away with a win over Nebraska, as ugly as it might've been. On the other end, Virginia fell to 0-3 with a loss to Southern Miss and Maryland lost to Middle Tennessee State. It comes down to how you judge the conference - by it's best or by it's worst.

Maryland and UVA should be able to keep their heads above water and stay out of the national news, so the ACC won't be the target of as much media talk, but I don't think they improved all that much.

2. Continuing the weekly theme of predicting the conference outcome, who'll play in the ACC CG?

I'm going all-Florida, and a return of two traditional powers - Miami vs. FSU. Virginia Tech has looked pretty bad in their two big games, while Miami's looked great. FSU stuck with the Canes to the final play and destroyed a solid BYU team. There's no reason to think they'll be outplayed by Clemson, their top competition for the Atlantic's spot.

3. Is Miami a legit top ten team? Why or why not?

I'm saying yes. There's so much talent in Miami right now, and the coaching is looking pretty good to boot. Jacory Harris is an All-ACC quarterback, the offense is dynamic, and the defense is the first team to actually contain GT's rushing attack, a feat that hasn't really been accomplished since Paul Johnson's arrival.. We'll know a lot more in two weeks, but I don't see why they wouldn't be a top 10 team right now.

4. If you had to declare an ACC MVP right now, who's your top guy?

Had enough Miami? No? Good. Jacory Harris. The guy's been impeccable throughout two weeks and led his team, which most people were 50-50 on, to a top ten ranking and unquestioned ACC dominance. Don't know how it could be anyone else right now.

5. Women, whiskey, and miles of travelin' is all that I understand. What are three things you understand, blogger friends?

Personally, I understand sports, Red Bull, and bloggin'. Not exciting, I know, but I ain't gonna start lying now.

If this was supposed to be about the ACC, then, uh, I understand nothing about Maryland's coaching decisions, so I can't do anything there.