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Maryland Minute 9.22.09 - Terps BBall Ranked 9th This Decade

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What a great night...
What a great night...

Terps BBall Ranked 9th This Decade, #20 This Season

This comes from the College Sports Magazine, Lindy's.  Among the other Terp related news in the CBB preview, Greivis Vasquez made their all-decade Terp team along with Juan Dixon, Steve Blake, Lonny Baxter, and Nik Caner-Medley.  He was also named to the first team preseason All-ACC team.

The Terps share "The Decade's Top 10 Programs" with Kansas, North Carolina, Michigan State, Duke, UConn, Florida, UCLA, Texas and Arizona.

Vasquez, who returns for his senior season after leading Maryland a year ago in points, rebounds and assists, was the 9th-rated point guard in the nation by the magazine. He was also a first team preseason All-ACC selection.

Maryland was ranked 20th in the nation by Lindy's in its preseason list.  

You could maybe make a case for the #8 spot (ahead of Texas and Arizona) but #9 seems pretty fair.  What do you guys think?  Too high?  Too low?

Lots of Rutgers Players "Coming Home" This Saturday

The Scarlet Knights have six players coming back to the their old stomping grounds.  I hope their homecoming goes just as well as Chris Turner's did. 

Local Fans Fed Up with Terps, Skins

The Skins part doesn't really apply to the blog (or me, thank God) but it's overall a good read.  John Feinstein, one of the best, holds the Fridge accountable but thinks that he's earned himself this season and the next.   

Devon Collier Update

Via NBE:

Devon Collier, 6-8 Sr., St. Anthony: This versatile New Heights product can score the rock in a variety of ways. On Saturday, it was his strap-up style of defense that stood out. Collier recorded around 10 blocks and used his freakish athleticism to commit several thefts and instigate turnovers. He’s become more adept and handling the ball and passing. One area for improvement is shooting. If Collier wants to play the 3-spot in college, he needs to extend his range and shoot the three better. His jumper is starting to come along at the mid-range level, but he must be consistent as he’s got a number of schools pushing for him. St. John’s, Providence, Seton Hall, Rutgers, Oregon State and Maryland is currently Collier’s list.


"Of that group, all of them have offered," said Berkowitz, Collier’s coach/advisor.

"You know, Maryland is the lone question mark, we’re still trying to gage how serious they are about him."

Collier should remain a tier two target, right there with Kirk, but below the Big 3. - bbroman

Have you missed Lance Stephenson?

Probably not. But for old times sake, I'm posting a Stephenson update from ZAGS. It feels like last Spring all over again. 

Official Visit Impresses Stoglin and His Parents - IMS

Need an IMS subscription to read the whole thing, but from the title alone it sounds like it went well. 

 UMD/Rutgers Preview - Official MD Site

 UMD/Rutgers Preview - Official Rutgers Site