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Maryland Minute 9.21.09 - Gary Gets One-Year Extension

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He's back, ladies and gentlemen...till 2013.
He's back, ladies and gentlemen...till 2013.

Props to bbroman for all the links and analysis today. 

Gary Williams Gets One-Year Contract Extension

My first thought? A sign that things have been repaired (to some extent) between Yow and Gary. Yay!

Oh, wait, it was automatic because he reached "athletic and academic standards"? Nevermind.

As it stands, Gary will be in College Park an extra year, meaning 2013 is currently the last year on his contract.

Reminder: Terrence Jones In-Home Visit This Week

Now that Damontre Harris is off the board, Jones is the final big visit of September. Zags has his visit schedule - Maryland is wedged in-between Kentucky and Arizona. Oklahoma and Kansas are also on the list: Oklahoma just signed a solid SF, though, so Jones might have concerns there. If it's not Maryland, you have to root for Kentucky, because they will likely be Maryland's biggest competition for C.J. Leslie.

Dinich's ACC Power Rankings: Terps #11

Yes, Duke is ahead of Maryland.

The Terps lost on a field goal as the clock expired, but they still lost. At home. With four turnovers. And just one week after barely beating James Madison in overtime. If Maryland is struggling this mightily against schools from non-AQ conferences, the Terps are going to have a long, losing conference season ahead.

Fridge Has 10-to-1 Odds to Be Next One Fired

That's tough. Groh, Kragthorpe, Hawkins, O'Leary, and Weis are ahead of him. I'd put my money on Kragthorpe. Groh and Fridge will make it through the year - not so sure about Kragthorpe, though.

NCAA Tournament Returns to DC

Looks like the Verizon Center will play host to first and second round games in 2011. Hopefully Maryland can get a matchup.

Turner Not Giving Up on Year - WT

Good to hear from the fifth-year senior QB. But what else would you expect?

Is the Terps' season teetering on the precipice of calamity after just a quarter of the schedule? "Depends on who you ask," quarterback Chris Turner said. "As far as I'm concerned, it's my senior year. I'm not going to let that happen. I'm not going to let anyone go in the tank. It's a long, long season. There's a lot of winnable games left for us. If we went downhill from here, it's not the team I thought we had."

A bright spot: Maryland Girls' Soccer Surprise of ACC

27 sports, son.

September surprise: Easily Maryland, which has a 1-0 win against Santa Clara to validate an 8-0-0 start. The Terrapins actually get first crack at the Seminoles, as they'll visit Tallahassee on Thursday.

Recruiting Report: Weekend wrap — Smith leads rout

Slightly smaller than usually this weekend, but Tyler Smith had 250 yards and 2 TDs. Can't complain about that performance from the future Terp.