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Maryland Minute 9.20.09 - Middle Tennessee Fallout Edition

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More Ralph on DRS

Friedgen's reply to a direct question of whether he ordered Da'Rel Scott's benching after each of the tailback's lost fumbles: "I didn't make that call," he said. "But we can't have guys turn the ball over. It can't happen."

Hold on a second, coach. If you didn't make the call, who did make the call? Isn't that usually the HC's job?

Friedgen Vows to Get 'Real Tough' - IMS
Wait, what?

"I think I’m going to go back and I’m going to start getting real tough," he said. "We’re going to do things the right way."


Friedgen has lamented at length about his fondness for the character and work ethic of this year’s team, but after witnessing a group Saturday that he said "just didn’t seem into it," he was left wondering why he and his coaches weren’t getting across to the players.

More strange things here. Why weren't you doing it "the right way" before? A 3 point win over James Madison wasn't enough to figure that out? A 40 some point loss didn't clue you in? And why is it the players' fault, instead of the coaches for not motivating them or coaching them properly? Gotta say it: Fridge isn't saying the right things right now. Or am I being irrational?

Tobias Harris Update - Box of Mess
He seems to really like WVU. They sound like a team to beat, if'n you ask me. Here's his comments about Maryland:

"Coach Williams’ main focus was to show me how I would fit into his system. With the recruits that have already committed along with the other guys on the team, he really explained the roll for me as a freshman. I would be a scorer and he would let me play my game right away. He also showed me the academics and talked about the professional players he has made during his time at Maryland."

Didn't seem quite as excited about the Terps as he did some of the other teams. Still, they don't seem to be a group that would tip their hand too much to the media like this.

(And there's always C.J. Leslie).

Rutgers Favored by 2.5
Wow, that's it? I was expecting at least 6-ish. I'm not sure this game is that close.

Rutgers' Starting QB Is a Go
After a somewhat scary injury late in the Scarlet Knights' last game against FAU, true freshman Tom Savage is looking good enough to play. Unfortunately.

Schiano said Savage will continue to be monitored and checked out by the doctors again, but it looks as though he'll be ready to play against Maryland.

The Portis Package - Jamarr Robinson Version
The results of the ill-fated formation? Not good:

Da'Rel Scott 0 run
OFFSIDE on Middle Tennessee
Robinson 3 run, loses fumble


Patrick Stevens Wins Tweet O' The Week

"We must protect this house," huh. Helps when you don't leave the door unlocked and invite the robber to share some tea.