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Note to National Journalists: I Might've Been Wrong About Ralph Friedgen's Seat

Ok, so I called out one national journalist and issued a warning to all others about saying Maryland coach Ralph Friedgen was on the hot seat. I cited monetary concerns as the primary fact, and to some extent I do believe that his job is safe. But that extent doesn't extend very far.

In my original post, I listed one caveat, somewhat humorously: he's safe as long as Maryland doesn't lose every game from here on out. Well...uh...Middle Tennessee State might've been the worst opponent on the schedule, so...uh...yeah, that's a possibility.

No, I'm not predicting a 1-11 season for Maryland. But MTSU is probably the worst or second worst opponent Maryland will face this year - the only one worse would be JMU (Duke could probably challenge, too). But UVA played solid games against solid TCU and Southern Miss teams. And really, no one else is even close to the Duke, UVA, Maryland trio in the ACC.

If definitely says something about the state of Maryland football that 3 wins doesn't seem like a bad deal right now. I have so much more sympathy for what Syracuse fans had to go through.

That's not to say 1-11 or 3-8 is guaranteed - I'd be shocked if Maryland didn't upset somebody. But it's not out of the question to consider a season that bad. And the fact that it's possible is an indictment of Friedgen's recent performance, and is actually enough for me to believe that his seat will be recalescent (thesaurus FTW!) tomorrow. Two losses to Middle Tennessee State is in two years is just unacceptable, not to mention they're paired with 3 years of slight above-averageness and the two previous terrible games.

Am I calling for his head? Nope. But don't be surprised if he's out after this year, whether it's by his choice or not.

And ESPN writers and other national journos: I now give you the right to call out Fridge on the hot seat. You have my blessing.