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Maryland Minute 9.18.09 - Tony Logan "Probable" For MTSU

Tony Logan is finally a go for game day. Image via <a href="">Inside MD Sports</a>
Tony Logan is finally a go for game day. Image via Inside MD Sports

Injury Report: Campbell, McCollough Out, Logan Probable

Even if Logan is a go, I don't expect him to get much PT or return punts. Too early for that.

Bennett Fulper Profile - WT
Definitely feeling good about Bennett Fulper after reading this. He very well could be better than Edwin Williams was.

Jeff Goodman on Maryland Basketball
I'm a Jeff Goodman fan, so it pleased me a bit to see him write a small piece on Maryland going into next year. Nothing new, but still kind of cool.

Holdovers Who Played Against MTSU Last Year - Not Many
Interesting note from Pat Stevens here on Maryland's roster. As it turns out, only 45 players on this year's team experienced last year's MTSU upset. But is that a good thing or a bad thing?

InsideMDSports Radio: Sept. 18
Need to listen to 25 minutes of Terp talk? Here's one option to take. Unfortunately, no Tobias Harris interview unless you have premium. :(

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup
You know what to do.

Rivals: Tobias Harris Mini-Update
Nothing we didn't already know, but if you need a quick reminder of his situation, it's the second question.

C.J. Leslie #3 Dunker in 2010
At first I thought that was low, but a case can be made that Josh Selby is better, and Dwayne Polee is simply amazing. He can jump so unbelievably high. Still, Leslie is up there, and a very close third.