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Maryland-Middle Tennessee State: All You Need to Know

What: Maryland Terrapins (1-1) vs. Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders (1-1)

Where: College Park, MD

When: 3:30 PM

Where to Watch: You're laptop - again, ESPN360 only

Who to Watch For on Middle Tennessee State: Dwight Dasher, QB - Drew Dudzik gave this defense fits. I shudder to think what the athletic Dasher may do to a notoriously slow defense that has trouble against the spread. While his arm isn't elite, it's good enough, and he's extremely dangerous on the ground.

D.D. Kyles, RB - Replacing normal starting RB Phillip Tanner, Kyles isn't nearly as explosive or tough to bring down, but he gets the job done. The hope is that he's not good enough for Maryland to really take focus off Dasher, the star of the offense.

Alex Suber, CB - He matched up against Darrius Heyward-Bey last year, and mostly did his job outside of one big play. He played well against Memphis last week, and will probably find himself covering Torrey Smith this year; Smith is, along with Da'Rel Scott, Maryland's playmaker, so a solid performance is vital.

Chris McCoy, DE - I don't know that much about MTSU, but McCoy looked pretty good against Memphis and seemed like the type of guy who could give Maryland's line fits, especially because Bruce Campbell is out. And he looks like Brian Orakpo, so there's that too.

Vital Info: This is a revenge game for Maryland, after MTSU shocked the Terps with an upset in Murfreesboro last year. Maryland probably wants to come out and make a statement after two below-average (at least, I hope that's not their average) games, but the Blue Raiders are a solid team that could very well give Maryland trouble. They run an offense not dissimilar to JMU's - a run-focused spread led by a very athletic QB. Maryland historically has trouble against faster teams, and MTSU is one of them.

On the plus side, I'm not quite sure their defensive front four is as good as JMU's was, which may mean more holes for DRS to run through. They stick to a pretty basic 4-3, though they do occasionally switch to 3 down linemen on 3rd down, which would only help Maryland.

Prediction: Maryland 31, Middle Tennessee State 27