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Gary Visits With Tobias Harris Today

Gary Williams will be in New York for this man, Tobias Harris, tonight.
Gary Williams will be in New York for this man, Tobias Harris, tonight.

For the second of four major visits in September, Gary Williams will be heading up to Long Island today to the home of tweener forward and #5 player in the nation Tobias Harris. Unlike the others, Tobias Harris twitters, so we might get a quicker update on his visit than we would for any other. If we hear anything, we'll let you know.

The first visit was to the home of C.J. Leslie, and that appeared to go over well. The third will be to Terrence Jones on Sept. 23, while Damontre Harris is coming up to College Park Sept. 25.

Those four happen to be the biggest and best targets remaining on Maryland's board, with Alex Kirk floating around on the perimeter outside of them. Quite honestly, all of them seem like halfway decent shots for Maryland at this point.

Harris can be a little tough to read, but his recent lengthy visit to College Park should indicate some semblance of interest. I think you would have reason to be surprised if Maryland doesn't make his final five or so.

Leslie has been consistently called Maryland one of his top schools, along with Kentucky and UNC. With UNC's obsession with Harrison Barnes, it's possible that Leslie won't even get an offer there, leaving it a Gary-Cal battle for the athletic tweener.

There could be a similar problem for Jones, who seems to like UNC. But as long as Harrison Barnes is a possibility, Jones won't be seeing an offer. His recruitment is even harder to read than Harris', but he's great friends with Terrence Ross and has a sister in the area.

As for Damontre Harris, the big man seems to be favoring South Carolina. There's less information out there for him than the earlier three, but all indications are that USC is slightly above Wake Forest, who is slightly above Maryland and Florida. That's not to say he's a Gamecock already - a lot of stuff can change after a visit to College Park.

God, do I miss basketball recruiting.