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Maryland Minute 9.16.09 - Langhorne/Coleman Back in Comcast, Torrey Smith Underacheiving?, Terps in Collier's Top 6

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Crystal Langhorne and Marissa Coleman (left and center) will be back at the Comcast Center for the WNBA Playoffs.
Crystal Langhorne and Marissa Coleman (left and center) will be back at the Comcast Center for the WNBA Playoffs.

Crystal Langhorne and Marissa Coleman Playing in Comcast Again? Whaa?

The two former Terp greats will take on the #1 seed Indiana Fever in the first round of the WNBA playoffs, Thursday night at the Comcast Center.  I can't say that I'm a huge Mystics fan, but it would be pretty cool seeing these two back on the court together AT Maryland.  

"I never thought I would get to play there again, so to get the chance to do that again is very exciting," Langhorne said. "I think it will be a little weird at first, playing there with a team that's not Maryland, but hopefully I'll be comfortable being back. Hopefully all our great fans come out and support us."

Terrapin Football Notes from The Diamondback

The most striking note is some criticism from the Fridge towards Torrey Smith.

"To be honest with you, I was kind of expecting more out of Torrey," Friedgen said.

Huh?  Were we watching the same game?  How much more than 229 total yards and 2 TDs does he expect out of the guy?

Maryland One of Six Recruiting 2010 PF Devon Collier

ESPN rates him as #79 overall. Rivals says #134. Bottom line is that the Terps could really use a true big man in the 2010 class and Collier could fill that role. The three most likely candidates seem to be him, Damontre Harris, and Alex Kirk.

Don Brown Takes Some Positives from JMU Game

"Our intensity in the fourth quarter, our hitting level, really raised. In overtime we were extremely decisive in our alignments, our assignments. It's something to build on."

He continues:

"They never stopped believing on the sideline. I think that's a huge step for us," said Brown. "The positive trait that's come out the first two weeks is, we'll fight you in the alley. We'll stay the course. That I'm most proud of."

I guess these quotes are encouraging.  The "we'll stay the course" line really pops out at me.  Obviously, being steadfast and committed are good qualities for a football team.  But if we keep giving up 40, 50 points a game, it might be time to make some adjustments to the 'course.'

Maryland Baseball Update: I <3 Erik Bakich

This man should have a statue. That is all.

Oh, and they're switching to pinstripes...ballin. - bbroman

Eric Prisbell Gets Fake-Twitter'd

Unfortunately, the account is all but closed now, and all the tweets deleted, but use your imagination. - bbroman

Side Note for Prisbell: Don't mess with Terps fans.