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Maryland Minute 9.13.09 - Injury Notes on Carroll and Campbell, Maryland Favored By 10

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Notes on Nolan Carroll And Other Injuries - D1scourse

Bad news all around:

"Apparently he had broken his leg in high school in a similar place and was hit just above where he broke it before," Friedgen said. "When he went to make a tackle and Derek Drummond was in pursuit. ... [Nolan] swung his leg around and it looked like Derek kicked him in the shin."



In short, it was a freak play --- precisely the sort Maryland can't afford to have. Already, Maryland was without tackle Bruce Campbell (turf toe/right foot) and safety Jamari McCollough (left ankle), and Friedgen said neither will likely play next week against Middle Tennessee.

Fridge also mentioned that Dexter McDougle will probably burn his redshirt. Kind of wished it was Travis Hawkins, but I'm sure McDougle will do well.

WaPo: More Torrey Smith Love
If you haven't gotten enough of Torrey Smith from me, the Washington Post has even more.

Terps Favored By 10 Over MTSU
Seems a bit high to me...anybody else?

Four Highest Risers on Summer Circuit Are All Maryland Targets

And the first three are Tobias Harris, Terrence Jones, and C.J. Leslie.

Harris is the best scoring power forward in the 2010 class. His ability to make a variety of shots and also play the role of a distributor and powerful rebounder remind me of Carmelo Anthony.


Jones is the best passer of all the 2010 power forwards. The lefty has top-notch vision and the strength to make any pass on the court. Like Harris, Jones also knows how to get the ball in the basket.

Leslie is one of the most dynamic athletes of the 2010 power forwards and is the best shot blocker of the bunch. His improved focus and competitive desire were the two most impressive aspects of his game this summer. Also a strong ballhandler and creator, Leslie will become an elite prospect if he improves his finishing ability.

The fourth was Tony Mitchell, who is listing the Terps but probably isn't a big target.

Tobias Harris Visit Update
Per Zags:

After hosting in-home visits with John Calipari of Kentucky, Paul Hewitt of Georgia Tech and Mike Brey of Notre Dame in recent days, the 6-foot-8 Harris and his family will host Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim and Louisville’s Rick Pitino today.


UConn coach Jim Calhoun was supposed to come to Long Island, too, but Tobias said he "is not coming because of the Hall of Fame thing." Tobias later said UConn probably wouldn’t end up coming in for a visit, "but they are still in." He has already visited the school unofficially.

Awesome news that Calhoun isn't making the trip. That's gotta be a killer for UCONN.

Ralph Friedgen Has Psychic Powers
Faked? Probably. Cool? Yep.

During a James Madison timeout designed to freeze Ferrara, Friedgen revealed into his headset that he'd dreamed the Terrapins would win Saturday's game against James Madison on an overtime field goal attempted on third down. Which was convenient because at that moment, Maryland faced a third and six in overtime against a James Madison squad that had proved peskier than the Terrapins anticipated.

The rest of the post is a good piece about Ferrara, who I'm starting to like a lot.

Hey, Did You Hear Maryland's Not Doing Well?
Scout's here to remind you.

The Fridge already knows that his successor on the sidelines will be current offensive coordinator James Franklin. Many around College Park are starting to hope that the assistant doesn’t have to wait much longer to shed the coach-in-waiting label. A week after getting ambushed by Cal, the Terrapins needed overtime to get past James Madison.