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Nolan Carroll Breaks Leg, Likely Out for Year

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Amidst all the drama tonight, one thing probably got lost in the emotions and overtime was Nolan Carroll's injury. He went down in the 3rd quarter, and it didn't look good from the start. The cart came out right away, and the ambulance soon after. Ralph Friedgen broke the news at the press conference tonight (hat tip Terrapin Trail, via Twitter):

Nolan Carrol[l] broke his tibia. Out for the year according to Friedgen.

Carroll was shaping up to have a monster senior year. Much like fellow CB Kevin Barnes' season-ending leg shoulder injury last year, this is a giant blow to the Terps, but also to Carroll's NFL hopes. He probably would've had a chance to be late round draft pick or make a team as an UDFA. Barnes was able to get picked by the Redskins, but he had two solid years before that - Carroll doesn't.

For Maryland, another CB will find his way into the rotation. Cam Chism and Anthony Wiseman will likely start. Trenton Hughes and Richard Taylor will back them up. Maryland usually has five CBs, so there might be an open competition for that final spot. Guys like Brandon Jackson-Mills and Michael Carter can have special teams impacts, and they might feel okay sticking them in emergency situations. But if Don Brown feels uncomfortable with the slender Carter or Taylor, Travis Hawkins and Dexter McDougle - both talented true freshmen - have a chance to work into the rotation.

I personally think Hawkins is a great fit for the defense, and could make a difference. Don't count out moving Kenny Tate over to corner, either - secondary coach Kevin Lempa has toyed with the idea before, and this might be the perfect opportunity.

Prayers go out to Nolan and his family, and we're hoping for a speedy recovery.