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How do you feel going into today?

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The Terps get their first home game of the season today, returning to Byrd Stadium and the newly renovated Tyser Tower, which is part of Capital One Field (I'm assuming that name change occurred after Capital One bought Chevy Chase Bank, but I never saw anything official about the change in name at the stadium).

But enough about the stadium - how do you feel about this team? I've been trying to look at past opening games for the Terps and there are other examples of Maryland starting out poorly in their first game but bouncing back as the season progressed. If you remember the 2002 season, the Terps started off by getting blanked, 22-0, by Notre Dame at Giants Stadium in New York in the "Kickoff Classic" game, put a beat down on Akron, and then got blown out by FSU. But they recovered to have a 11-3 season, which is tied for the most wins ever in school history. The Terps capped off that season with a smashing of Tennessee in the Peach Bowl, 30-3.

Am I saying this year's team is Peach Bowl bound? Not hardly. That team came back to Byrd after the loss and put a whooping on Akron, 44-14. I think we'll learn a lot today about this team's ability and destiny by what the final score is. If the Terps can come out and put a whooping on JMU, I'd be cautiously optimistic that this season could have potential (again, not 11-3 potential necessarily, but potential none the less). But if the Terps sputter and pull out another 14-7 type game like they did against Delaware last season, then I might put my hand on top of the panic button.

What are your thoughts? Do you think the Terps will turn things around today? Have you already hit the panic button and gone into hibernation until basketball season? Let us know your thoughts.