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Maryland Minute 9.11.09 - Tyser Tower, JMU Notes

There she is - fully dedicated, but still half empty. And now sponsored by Capital One!
There she is - fully dedicated, but still half empty. And now sponsored by Capital One!

Relatively short MM today, not a lot of news the day before game day.

Pretty Sure Mickey Matthews Has Already Given Up
JMU's HC doesn't exactly sound like he's expecting to walk out of Byrd with a win.

James Madison will receive $325,000 for facing Maryland, which intends on securing a much-needed victory in return.


"Maryland scheduled us for a win," Matthews said. "They know that and we know that."

He goes no further. I think their coach is on our side.

Tyser Tower Dedicated, Still Not Sold Out
The new Tyser Tower finally had its grand opening. That's the good news. The bad news? It's still yet to sell out.

The Diamondback - Bounce back time
It's good to hear that Chris Turner is taking this game seriously. Usually I'd be a little concerned about the team's focus when playing a CAA opponent but not after the performance they put on last week. "[This game] is very, very important. It was a pretty bad loss [last week], and it leaves a bad taste in our mouths. If we go out and get a good win and get a good experience, I think it would kind of erase a lot of the memories from last Saturday.

Quinn Cook Visiting Ohio State
At this point, I'd be very surprised if Cook wasn't an OSU lean. During his stay, he'll watch a game (maybe participate) involving LeBron James, Greg Oden, and Mike Conley. Time to move on to Cesar Guerrero.

Recruiting Report: Weekly football recruiting roundup
Stats and links galore. Feast yourself.

InsideMDSports Radio: Sept. 11
Seth Hoffman and the crew from IMS go over week one, the Cal game, and JMU.