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Ross, Franklin, McDougle, More Could Burn Redshirts Tomorrow

In something somewhat unexpected, Maryland burned five redshirts in the first game - for comparison's sake, they had five true freshmen all of last year who burnt their shirts, and one of those guys got his eligibility back. Don't be surprised if that number even still grows against James Madison tomorrow.

Among the group that you can expect to see on the field are Isaiah Ross, a DE who briefly tried to switch to ILB but will likely see time on the line, Eric Franklin, a Baltimore safety who's impressed in practice, and Dexter McDougle, a talented safety who will fight for time with Franklin. Justin Anderson, a DE, has also had his name mentioned.

Surprisingly, DeOnte Arnett hasn't had his name called in regards to seeing PT. Ross and Anderson are both DEs, but Arnett was seen as the most talented of the trio, and the most impactful. One would've though that he'd get his number called before Ross or Anderson, unless he's behind schedule.

I also wouldn't be surprised to see Pete DeSouza or Pete White on the field. Both are talented OL, something Maryland needs right now. Likewise, Travis Hawkins will probably get on the field before the end of the year. He's a perfect fit for Maryland's new press defense, something Anthony Wiseman has had trouble adapting to. If you weren't counting, that's seven guys that could see the field, and that's not even considering injuries.

It's not out of the realm of imagination to think that Maryland could burn more than ten redshirts - even 15 wouldn't really surprise me. While I'm too lazy to do all the research, I'd be shocked if they've ever had more true freshman playing than will see the field this year.