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Terps In-Home Visit With C.J. Leslie Today

Gary will be visiting this kid today. (Jeff Reeves/Pack Pride)
Gary will be visiting this kid today. (Jeff Reeves/Pack Pride)

Today's a great sports day - Clemson plays Georgia Tech (go Yellow Jackets), the NFL season kicks off, and there's the US Open - what more could you want from a day? Oh, how about Gary Williams visiting top 10 forward C.J. Leslie?

Yeah, that's good too.

Leslie is one of the Big 3 - with Terrence Jones and Tobias Harris - and the Sizable 4 - the aforementioned three, plus Damontre Harris - of Maryland's remaining 2010 basketball targets. It's pretty widely thought that Maryland has a good shot at landing one - Jones is probably the least likely at this point, but Tobias has been around College Park a ton, Damontre has Maryland firmly in his top five, and Leslie always mentions Maryland as a school going after him hard. 

Gary will be visiting all four (or, in Damontre's case, he'll be visiting Maryland) this month. Leslie kicks it off today, with the HOFster heading down to Leslie's Carolina abode. Then Terrence Jones gets the treatment all the way over in Oregon, then Tobias Harris, and finally Damontre comes to College Park. It will be a huge month.

There should be some updates on how the visit went by tomorrow, as long as everything goes according to plan. At least, that's what I'm hoping. Just wanted to remind everyone of the big event.