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Maryland Minute 9.10.09 - Did Gary Meet w/ DHarris Today?, More on Big Bruce, Tate Returning Punts This Weekend?

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Hopefully Gary comes off a little friendlier during his in-home visits this month.
Hopefully Gary comes off a little friendlier during his in-home visits this month.

Did Gary Have an 'in-home' with Damontre Harris Today?

According to ESPN, he was supposed to.  However, we know that he spent at least part of the day visiting with top 15 prospect, C.J. Leslie.  Hopefully we'll have more on this tomorrow but it's safe to say it's going to be a busy (and crucial) month for Gary and the staff. 

Campell's Injury Adds Unwanted Wrinkle to O-Line - IMS

Maybe it's just me but I'm a little concerned about this injury.  Sometimes turf-toe injuries linger.  If Campbell misses significant time, it could be a long season for Chris Turner

"It’s not an injury I think you can rush—it can be a lingering injury, and that’s the issue," Brattan said.

Logan Limited in Practice, Tate Could Return Punts v. JMU

Tony Logan hasn't practiced the last two days and if he can't go Saturday, Tate will be back there returning punts.  The bottom line is this: Kenny Tate is a playmaker.  Putting him in a position where he can make plays is a good idea. 

"Tony yesterday didn't practice and didn't practice today," Friedgen said. "He's in a white shirt. I don't know why he's not practicing. Obviously he must still have some pain in there. If that's the case, I'd probably still go with Tate."

Were the Terps Close to Competing against Cal?

Some of the players seem to think so. 

"Just watching the film and seeing the mistakes we made, made it even worse," Wujciak said. "Some games you just lose. The team is better than you. It just didn’t feel like that when we were watching the film that they were that much better than we were."

I guess you like your players to have that kind of attitude.  I don't know if Wujciak was watching the same game I was, though.  

Interesting Notes from Tom Brattan

Some nice morsels from TBrat...can I call him TBrat?

Brattan called it a "baptism by fire" for promising right tackle R.J. Dill, who will start this Saturday against James Madison. ... Brattan said Campbell, who suffered a turf toe injury against California, is out this week and "maybe longer than that. Not an injury you can rush. It can be a lingering injury. You have to decide what you are going to do. You can roll the dice and risk him getting hurt more and lose more time, or you can shut him down completely until he is healthy. He is definitely out this week."

That's okay. Leave him out against Middle Tennessee State unless the line completely falls apart. We'll need him in ACC play. - bbroman

Lots of names at tackle - D1SCOURSE

Possible replacements for Bruce Campbell include Paul Pinegar, R.J. Dill, Justin Gilbert, Tyler Bowen, and even Pete DeSouza. - bbroman

2011 BB Guard Prospect Sterling Gibbs to Visit MD Saturday 

I don't think he's a huge priority for the staff but it's always nice to have a couple of targets per position. He's graded as a 91 by ESPN and the 135th overall player by Rivals.