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Bruce Campbell Officially Out for James Madison

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Our beloved behemoth of a left tackle, the invincible Bruce Campbell, will be taking Saturday off after suffering turf toe against Cal. That, of course, spells trouble for a line that was already ridiculously young and got manhandled by the Golden Bears. (Of course, James Madison's line isn't quite as imposing, but that's beside the point).

Looking to replace Campbell is some combination of R.J. Dill, Paul Pinegar, and Tyler Bowen. Pinegar started Saturday at right tackle, but gotten beaten badly a couple times and Dill later took his place, I believe. Dill wasn't an all-star, but he was decent. Pinegar has more experience with the left tackle position, but Dill has the natural talent advantage. Bowen, who has been injured, should also be in the mix. It'll be interesting to see which of these three come out on top on the all-important position for protecting a QB's blindside.

The bigger issue here is with Campbell's health. Turf toe isn't a career-ender and can easily be recovered from, but it's also capable of lingering and holding a player out or affecting his performance if he tries to rush back. If the injury lingers, the line will be a lot of trouble against ACC defenses.

You also have to wonder how long the coaching staff waits before dipping to talented true freshmen like Pete DeSouza, Bennett Fulper, and - especially - Pete White. Fulper already played, so his playing time might as well see an increase, but guys like DeSouza and White, though not experienced, are definitely very talented and might perform better than the slightly more experienced guys in there now. If there's another injury, don't be surprised if one of them turn out to be the replacement.