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Maryland Minute 9.01.09 - Terps Coaches to Visit Leslie, Wujciak Ready to Play, Official MD/Cal Previews

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At this point, I think Leslie's my favorite of the 'Big 4'
At this point, I think Leslie's my favorite of the 'Big 4'

Staff Will Meet w/ C.J. Leslie Sep. 10 

I'm starting to get the feeling that we have a real shot with Leslie.  He consistently mentions us when asked to list the schools pursuing him the hardest and he is said to want an honest coach who's not going to feed him B.S. (aka Gary).  I don't have the hutzpah or knowledge to but a real percentage on it but I think we'll at least make his top five. 

"Maryland came into the picture early. Of course, he committed to N.C. State but Maryland was around during that timeframe," Mitch Summerfield, the CEO of Word of God School and a close family friend told the website (Ed's note: IMS has the full article if you're a subscriber). "When he de-committed, they came pretty strong and showed their interest level in C.J. is very strong. I have spoken with Chuck Driesell about it. They've worked with some pretty prestigious [small forwards and power forwards], and that's something they have stressed."

Wujciak Hoping to Break Out - The Diamondback

Wujciack is due for a big season and I think Don Brown's new, aggressive scheme is only going to create more opportunities for the third year linebacker to make plays.  Al Seamonson and the rest of the coaching staff are expecting big things, as well.      

"His value as a leader and as a consistent every-down performer has really grown going into this year," linebackers coach Al Seamonson said. "If Alex Wujciak plays well, we’re going to have a chance to win because he’s the man in the middle and he’s got to make things happen."

MD/Cal Preview from the Terps Official Site

MD/Cal Preview from Cal's Official Site

Harris, Leslie among the best five post players in the nation - ESPN

I also expected Terrence Jones, but they may be considering him as a SF. 

Harris has made tremendous strides over the past two seasons. At 6-8, he is almost exclusively a face-up player from the 4 position. He has a good jumper that extends to about 19 feet and is good at putting the ball on the floor to create offense. He's a decent rebounder, but he'll need to add strength to improve that area of his game. His footwork also could use some attention.
Leslie is a raw, super athletic 4-man. When he's playing hard, he's very good. He can put the ball on the floor against other 4s and get to the basket. When he gets close, Leslie can basically jump over whoever's guarding him and score. That leaping ability also makes him a solid rebounder. He has a decent jump shot in the midrange, but is at his best inside 10 feet. He's a monster in transition; his length and bounce make him very tough to stop once he's going forward to the basket. He's always good for a highlight-reel play.

- bbroman

Another Terrence Jones Mixtape

TJ's making the internet rounds now, with some ridiculous mixtapes. This is the latest one, and shows off an amazing combination of athleticism and ballhandling. - bbroman

Former Terp Maxwell Getting Final Shot w/ Nats?

I don't know too much about the guy but it's always nice to root for a former Terp.  Hopefully he can put it together. 

ESPN's Dinich Breaks Down Terps' Depth Chart

Nothing groundbreaking from Dinich but it's always interesting to see what the 'national' media is saying about your team.