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Maryland Minute 8.7.09 - Louis Young Decommits Again, Coaches' Poll Unveiled

Louis Young opened it back up. Could Maryland be an option? Image via <a href="">Daylife</a>
Louis Young opened it back up. Could Maryland be an option? Image via Daylife

Louis Young opens things up?
I guess it was only a matter of time before Louis Young decommitted...again. After the Good Counsel 4-star corner committed to Stanford ridiculously early, he decommitted and looked around. He then committed to Stanford...again, and now he's decommitted...again. I don't know if he'll be a priority for Maryland, but it's clear he has some issues with Stanford. I'd be surprised if Marland wasn't at least involved.

Coaches' Poll Unveiled: Maryland Gets 2 Votes
Maryland: slightly better than Troy, not quite as good as East Carolina.

Maryland: Coming On Strong in 2014
Sometimes, I think one year is looking too far ahead. But ESPN is looking ahead five years, to the five programs on the rise that could crack their top 40 programs when they do a re-rank. And yes, that re-rank would be in 2014. And yes, Maryland is on the list. It's Insider, but if you don't have it, it's a paragraph that stresses Maryland's relationship with UnderArmor (the next Nike, natch) and James Franklin, calling it a "trendy" spot for recruits. Yep, that's us, the Panera Bread of college football. [Thanks, jwclaw]

FOX: ACC Will Be 3rd Best Conference in 2009-10 BB
I can see that. I personally think the conference has a chance at 2nd, but if NC and Duke are as down as they can be, it's not far-fetched for the ACC to be #3.

InsideMDSports Radio — Aug. 7, 2009
Got 40 minutes? You might want to download Inside MD Sports' podcast, as they run down a bunch of stuff on recruiting (mostly on the second half). I'm not going to lie, the first half is a bit boring, but they do reveal that the "commit" last week was none other than Hippolyte Tsafack, but it seems he doesn't have a "committable: offer right now.

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup
Bracken's roundup is especially good this week. There's a lot of stuff that I missed that he caught, so read up.

TT Reader Starts a Blog
Terps271, a common poster here, is trying his hand a starting a new blog himself. Check it out here. (Thanks for the plug, 271).