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Roscoe Smith #4 on Big Board; Vote for #5

The hometown kid is finally on the list. Roscoe Smith, the smooth five star SF, was voted #4 on the Testudo Times Big Board. Much like I thought with Tobias Harris, I'm again thinking it's about time (though I'm not sure who he'd pass - 4 just seems low).

Smith, like I said before, is very smooth and a great shooter. He has some trouble scoring off the bounce, but he can do it if needed. I wouldn't classify our chances as "great" - that's reserved for Mychal Parker right now - but they're not bad at all. His parents reportedly want him to stay close to home, UNC (his first first choice) spurned him and he's lost interest, and Duke (his second first choice) could land Harrison Barnes.

This leaves the big board looking like this:


I'm thinking the next one should be a big man - either Damontre Harris, who's top five includes Maryland, James Johnson, who also has Maryland in his top, or Alex Kirk, who's yet to narrow his list.

Again, 24 hours before polls close. On this note, this'll be the last big board vote for awhile - after five, interest will start waning (not that Josh Gasser or Jon Graham arguments aren't riveting, of course). We'll try to figure out a way to make it a lot quicker than individual votes, but until we do, there'll be a short break.

Anyway, moving on: