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A New Twist to Player Profile Photos: Suits

So I went to check on the roster tonight, because that's what I do when I'm bored nowadays, and I was delighted to see all the new, non-freshman (well, non-early enrolling freshmen) photos are up. And to my surprise, they were wearing suits. I know a lot of other schools do this - Penn State comes to my mind - but I kind of liked the uniforms-on look.

I'm sure most people don't care about this, but it was a system shock to me.

Oh, and all the new bios are up, too, minus - again - the freshmen's. I couldn't find anything of note for the several minutes I looked through. One thing I did notice, however, was that Masengo Kabongo looks BA, even in a suit. So does Drew Gloster. And, of course, Bruce Campbell looks like a bad man no matter what. Lansford Watson looks a little like a cool professor/teacher with those glasses. Sadly, Emani Lee-Odai has a ridiculously straight throat/face/hair combo that makes his head look gigantic. And it looks like Alex Wujciak cut his hair, or is at least pulling it back, which is a shame - honestly, he would look a bit strange in a suit anyway, but the newly cut hair doesn't help.

Yeah, I'm bored, but too tired to do any real analysis. Live with it. Maybe I need Steinberg's job.