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Maui Bracket Announced; Maryland vs. Cincinnati a Possible Second Round Matchup

The Maui Invitational Bracket was announced today, and it's very, very intriguing. Why? Because unless Maryland loses to Chaminade (unlikely) or Cincinnati loses to Vanderbilt (very possible), Maryland and former fling Lance Stephenson will be going head to head in the second round.

Oh, I can't wait, and I'm sure Lance can't, either. This can go one of two ways - 1, Lance isn't that great and Maryland fans feel vindication, or 2, Lance is good and gets revenge on Maryland on national TV. Let's hope it's option one. The bracket is below:


Andy Katz seems to think Maryland is the favorite:

• Maryland returns eight of its top nine players, including one of the best point guards in the country in Greivis Vasquez. The Terps should be the pick to win the event.

I think it's too early to be saying that. Arizona could turn out pretty good, Wisconsin would be a tough matchup, we all know how Maryland does against Gonzaga, Jordan Williams might get killed against Vanderbilt big man AJ Ogilvy, and we've already discussed the Born Ready possibility. If Maryland reaches it's full potential, however, (read: if Jordan Williams and/or James Padgett is the real deal) I have trouble seeing them losing before at least the final.