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Notes from Today's Pick-up at Comcast

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I expect a lot out of this guy this season...
I expect a lot out of this guy this season...

I had a chance to check out some pick-up ball today at Comcast where Tobias was playing with the guys. Here are my thoughts...

- Sean Mosley looks greatly improved.  Not only was his shot falling more consistently but the guy just looked like a leader on the court.  He made some great passes, talked up his teammates, and seemed a lot more assertive on the offensive end.  If there was one player that really stood out today, it was Mosley.

- Tobias Harris can get to the hoop.  I didn't see him hit many shots from deep but when he drove to the lane he was virtually unstoppable. There was one play where someone missed a jumper and Harris came out of nowhere for a gorgeous put-back.  When he's inside the paint, he doesn't miss.  

- Jordan Williams is huge.  He didn't show a ton offensively today but defensively, he played pretty well.  There were numerous occasions where Padge or someone else would go up for a layup and J-Will would block it.  I'd be surprised if he wasn't starting at the 5 by the time the season starts.

- James Padgett also looks pretty decent on the defensive end.  Like Williams, he didn't do a ton offensively but he did have some nice put-backs and he also brought in some nice boards.  Both freshmen bigs should get significant playing time this year. 

- Dino is another player who's shot looks to have improved this off-season.  He was pretty aggressive offensively and hit a good percentage of the shots he took.  I'm not sure if he was just having a good day or what, but he looks like he could definitely increase his point production this season.