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Maryland Minute 8.31.09 - Gonnella/Pinegar Earn Schollies, Turner's New Confidence, Terps 22 Point UDogs v. Cal

Will Turner's new confidence translate into more consistency? We'll find out more come Saturday...
Will Turner's new confidence translate into more consistency? We'll find out more come Saturday...

Walk-ons Defy the Odds, Make Terps Offensive Line

Jeff Barker from The Baltimore Sun has a really nice piece on Andrew Gonnella and Paul Pinegar earning scholarships. Stories like these are what makes sports great...

"At the end of spring practice, he'd won the job and I told him that, going into the fall if everything was the same, I'd put him on scholarship," coach Ralph Friedgen said. "I know Gonnella's family was struggling, so I kind of wanted to let them know so they could make plans. Andrew responded that no one was going to take his job away."

Gotta love that. 

Turner's Team

Not a whole a lot of new info in the article but it's still a good read.  Obviously, a lot of Turner's success will depend on the O-line but if they can hold up, I think this offense should be better than it was last season.

Terps -22 vs. Cal

-22? Really? I didn't pencil this one in as a 'W' but I'd be surprised and disheartened if we lose by 22 on Saturday. Hopefully this motivates the players a little...

"We’re 22 point underdogs, I like it," wide receiver Adrian Cannon said. "I want people to think about it. We’re young, but we have game experience. And there is talent. Our own expectations are the ACC championship and Orange Bowl. A lot of people have those goals, but we’re trying to do something about it."

Greivis Out of FIBAs

Rough group play for Venezuela, just 1-3. Definitely a little disappointing, especially with Greivis' pedestrian stats. That said, the bigger thing is that he didn't get hurt. - bbroman

Recruiting Report: Weekend wrap — Big game for Burns

You know the drill. - bbroman

D1SCOURSE- Rundown of the Depth Chart

My take: The three starting receivers, (Adrian Cannon, Torrey Smith, and Ronnie Tyler) sound about right.  The fact that neither kicker stepped up enough during camp to claim the starting spot is a little worrisome... 

Fridge's 'New Outlook'- The Diamondback

The reason? His weight loss, of course.