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Maryland Minute 8.3.09 - Nolan Carroll Likes Winning, Heyward-Bey Still Struggling


Nolan Carroll: Fond of winning everything - D1scourse
In case it wasn't clear, Nolan Carroll is probably the team captain, and certainly the defensive captain. I can't think of anyone better for the job.

DHB Still Struggling
It's a shame to see Hey-Bey struggling like this. I'm still confident he'll pick it back up, but it's not a good start.

12 Days of Football is previewing ACC football with a feature they call the "12 Days of Football", which - you guessed it - breaks down each of the 12 ACC teams. Maryland will get featured August 6th, which coincides nicely with the day ESPN breaks down Maryland for basketball next year. Lots of reading material that day.

2009 Football Season Outlook - Part I
The first part of the outlook, which, yes, is from Maryland's official site, focuses on QBs and RBs. It's just as long as it can be, and is definitely a bit biased, but not unbearably slow. If you can handle getting past the first two sections, it's a good way to spend a few minutes.

National Hoops Report Top 25 of 2010
It may look like a random blog, and it may be a random blog, but so are we. Plus, it's the first re-rank we've seen in a long time. The top 5 hasn't been revealed yet, but the first 20 seems pretty well rounded outside of a couple head-scratchers. Tony Mitchell, who Maryland is involved with, has blown up beyond belief (at least my belief), and is actually ranked ahead of Tobias Harris and Terrence Jones (I call BS). Jones is at #23, which to me is low, and Tobias Harris is at #11, which is about right. Justin Coleman is #25 ,too.

Recruiting Report: Weekend wrap
Bracken's weekend wrap. It doesn't really need an introduction.

Four ACC QBs on O'Brien Watch List - Turner Not One
Not that surprising, because, as much I love Chris Turner, he's not that good, but I thought he would have as good of a chance of making it as Josh Nesbitt did. At least he, y'know, throws the ball, which is usually an important aspect at the QB position.