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Captains Named, None Really Surprise

When it was revealed that there might be permanent captains - instead of Fridge picking a new set of caps every game - there was a bit of speculation as to who they might be. The most common names were Chris Turner, Phil Costa, Alex Wujciak, and Nolan Carroll. Really, three out of four isn't bad.

Wujciak didn't get the captain vote - instead, linebacker-mate Adrian Moten will be wearing the C...or, he would've been wearing the C if the captains still wore Cs (there's no jersey notation). He joins Turner, Costa, and Carroll as the captains for the  year.

No big surprises - three fifth-year seniors, one of which is a QB, another is the QB of the OL, and another is possibly the best player on defense. Moten is a junior, but has gotten a lot of cred as a playmaker and talkative guy both on and off the field, in a good way.

I kind of wish there was more room, because guys like Cory Jackson and Travis Ivey really do deserve to be a captain (Jackson especially). But it's tough to argue against those choices.

Special teams captains will still be selected on a week-to-week basis, as will the flag-carriers (whom I've always thought looked BA).