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Maryland Minute 8.28.09 - Scrimmage Recap, Kicking Competition, Megget vs. DRS


Tip of the cap to bbroman for all the links today...

Scrimmage Recap -
Probably the most complete (and least honest) practice report you'll see. 

Scrimmage Stats Breakdown
Miss the scrimmage? Stupid question, you probably did. Anyway, Pat Stevens has you covered with both stats and analysis.

Also, Anthony Green sighting, but on the other side of the ball.

PK Battle Still Neck and Neck
Smart money's still on Ferrara, but it's still anyone's game. This time, though, it's a good thing.


More on Meggett vs. DRS


"Meggett has improved probably as much as anybody," Franklin said. "I think we’ve got two No. 1 tailbacks and we’re going to use them as such."

Terps Taking 9 Receivers on the Travel Team

Not at all what I wanted. While I don't doubt that the WRs are all game-worthy, I highly doubt all nine would actually play. Normally, six or seven travel.

Robinson Likely to Get Some Snaps This Season - Terrapins Insider

This has been touched on, but there's a slight twist: it doesn't look like he'll get the Portis Package treatment, but instead be the mop-up QB.

Jerian Grant Cuts List

That's another to cross off the list. Never really any interest on either side after the Parker pickup.

CFN's Five Year Program Rankings

Maryland's at #41, and I have to agree.

As high as 13th in the 2004 rankings, Maryland has become decidedly mediocre and has gotten a bit stale


"They are Notre Dame, Virginia, DePaul and Providence," said Grant, the son of former NBA veteran Harvey Grant.

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup

You know the routine.

2009 ACC Football Predictions: Bowls - Gobbler Country

Congressional? Even though it's worse than Tire and Nut - technically - I think I'd rather go to Congressional before them.

Elite 24 Video

Want to see the entire Elite 24 game? It's here, in seven parts, but I must admit - it's not very entertaining and a little confusing.