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Maryland Minute 8.25.09 - Meggett Pushing for PT, OL Changes, Kicking Solution

Look at that little Meggett run!
Look at that little Meggett run!

Meggett Pushing DRS for PT
Wow, didn't expect this:

"It's nothing Da'Rel's not doing," coach Ralph Friedgen said. "It's just the other kid is doing pretty good."


"He's just a little more physical right now," Friedgen said. "If you were there yesterday, you saw some of the runs he made. He broke some tackles. He's got another gear that he had in high school. I think when he got to college he felt like he had to be a big guy. I told him 'Speed is what you need. You're big enough --- 205 is a big running back.' You don't need to be 225 and slow."

If that "other kid" can be even better than last year, plus Gary Douglas, plus Da'Rel Scott, plus Morgan Green, with the possibility of the borrow a phrase from my HS gym teacher, cheese and crackers.

Guard Notes: Fulper Moves to G, Young Drops Back
Can't say I expected this one.

Friedgen has now moved true freshman Bennett Fulper from center to guard. Friedgen has been high on the 6-foot-4, 285-pound Fulper, and obviously Fulper has a much better chance to get on the field at guard this season. Fulper is behind Justin Lewis at right guard. Sophomore Andrew Gonnella is at left guard. Maurice Hampton and Lamar Young are the other guards. At right tackle right now is Paul Pinegar, with Tyler Bowen backing him up.

Wow, if Young's out that's a huge blow to the O-Line. Right now it sounds like he's third string. Uh oh.

Kicking Solution Found? - D1scourse
Simple: Barbour kicks inside 40, Ferrara outside 40. Personally, I don't like it, but that's because I really don't like anything by committee except RB and certain defensive positions...and even then, you need to loaded to pull it off. I could be wrong and it could work perfectly, but that's my two cents.

Cal Names Riley Named Starter For Maryland Game
I guess I'm slow, because I never knew there was a competition for the Golden Bears' starting QB spot. Looks like there was, though, and Kevin Riley - unsurprisingly - won it.

Gonnella, Pinegar Officially Receive Scholarships
This had to be expected, right? I mean, Pinegar's seen game action, Gonnella's a probable starter, and Maryland has open schollies. Not a big surprise, but good to see.

New Rules For College Football - CGB
Now that I'm checking SBN Cal blog Cal Golden Blogs every day - less than 12 days! - I'm seeing some interesting stuff. Here's a nice rundown on the new rules in college football, which is very nice if you haven't been paying attention.

Tobias Harris Talks Recruiting - Zags
Nothing ground-breaking, but if you want to finally see and hear Tobias Harris, there's a video on the right hand side.

ESPN Identifies Maryland's FB Needs
Good primer, I suppose, but it's not really right. We did take two QBs, but that's no longer a need because...well, because we just took two QBs. The secondary got a big boost last year, and I wouldn't call it one of the biggest needs. With Rowson and Till on board, I doubt we'd take more than one more DB. And lastly, though it'd be nice to add a center, Fulper has done really well in camp and with the limited scholarships, a C would be a luxury, not a need.

On second thought, don't read this article.

D.C. Sports Bog - DeAngelo Hall vs. J.J. Redick and Barack Obama
Ok, so I'm a Ravens fan and don't really care for the Redskins, but I do have a new love for DeAngelo Hall. Awesome story. ~homertuck

Recruiting Report: Terps women have No. 1 class
Matt Bracken breaks down the Lady Terps' #1 recruiting class in basketball. Is Brenda the best basketball recruiter in woman's basketball? ~homertuck